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Speaker Biographies


Children at Court and in Court: An Overview of Current Perspectives,
   Benefits and Challenges of Youth Involvement

                        Speaker:           Miriam Aroni Krinsky


            Giving a Voice to the Voiceless—

               Enhancing Youth Participation in Court Proceedings

                        by        Miriam Aroni Krinsky

                                    Jennifer Rodriguez


            The Effect of Youth Presence in Dependency Court Proceedings

                        by        Miriam Aroni Krinsky


            Foster Youth Need Greater Voice in Court Proceedings

                        by        Miriam Aroni Krinsky


            Making Youth a Meaningful Part of the Court Process

                        by        Judge William G. Jones (ret.)


            Seen and Heard: Involving Children in Dependency Court

                        By        Andrea Khoury


The Psychology of Inclusiveness

                        Speaker:           Robin M. Deutsch, Ph.D.


            The Psychology of Including Children in the Court Proceedings

                        by        Robin M. Deutsch, Ph.D.


            Children’s and Parents’ Perceptions on Children’s Participation in Decision

                Making After Parental Separation and Divorce

                        by        Judy Cashmore

                                    Patrick Parkinson


Involvement of Children in New York Practice

                        Speaker:           Hon. Martha Walsh Hood


            State by State Summary of a Child’s Right to be

               Present/Participate in Child Protective Proceedings


            New York City Youth Summit:

               Engaging Youth in Family Court Proceedings


            Stand Up Stand Out: Recommendations to Improve Youth Participation

               In New York City’s Permanency Planning Process

                        by        Theresa Hughes


Children in Child Welfare Proceedings

                        Speaker           Tamara A. Steckler, Esq.


            Court Appearances of Clients in Article 10 Proceedings

               Guidelines and Protocol


Perspective of Foster Care Children

                        Speaker:           Jaclyn Jean Jenkins


            Listen to Me! Empowering Youth and Courts

               Through Increased Youth Participation in Dependency Hearings

                        by        Jaclyn Jean Jenkins


Child Custody, Visitation and Family Offense Proceedings

                        Speaker:           Prof. Andrew I. Schepard


            Children, Courts, and Custody

               Interdisciplinary Models for Divorcing Families

                        by        Prof. Andrew I. Schepard


            Child-Focused and Child-Inclusive Divorce Mediation:

                Comparative Outcomes from a Prospective Study of

                Postseparation Adjustment

                        by        Jennifer E. McIntosh

                                    Yvonne D. Wells

                                    Bruce M. Smyth

                                    Caroline M. Long


Statutes, Rules and Directives


         120 Stat. 1255  Public Law 109-288


         42 U.S.C. § 675


         FCA §§ 355.5, 756-a, 1089, and Rule 205.17


         22 N.Y.C.R.R. § 7.2


         Child Welfare Policy Manual


         Memorandum, Family Court, New York City


Standards and Recommendations


         NYSBA Committee on Children and the Law

            Standards for Attorneys Representing Children in New York

            Child Protective, Foster Care, and Termination of Parental

            Rights Proceedings


         NYSBA Committee on Children and the Law

            Law Guardian Representation Standards

            Volume II: Custody Cases


         NACC Recommendations for Representation of Children

            in Abuse Neglect Cases


         Resource Guidelines

            Improving Court Practice in Child Abuse & Neglect Cases


         ABA Standards




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