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State Juvenile Systems:  Varying Approaches

Speaker:  Sherri D. Hawley, Esq.


State Juvenile Systems:  Varying Approaches

By   Sherri D. Hawley


Trying Children as Adults

Speaker:  Hon. Michael Corriero


Effectiveness of Residential Placement and Alternatives

Speaker:  Mishi Faruqee


New York Juvenile Justice Coalition Proposals for Reform 2006


Youth Confined in OCFS Facilities


Juvenile Detention in New York City


New York Juvenile Justice Coalition, Re-Direct New York,

Reinvesting Detention Resources in Community Treatment


New York Juvenile Justice Coalition, Appendix A, Changing

Fiscal Incentives:  Programs in Other States


Juvenile Justice:  Success and Recidivism

Speaker:  Hon. Janet M. DiFiore


Toward a Developmental Model for Juvenile Justice

Speakers:  Valerie F. Reyna, Ph. D. and

           Robert T. Kinscherff, Ph. D., Esq.


How People Make Decisions That Involve Risk

By   Valerie F. Reyna


Risk and Rationality in Adolescent Decision Making:

Implications for Theory, Practice, and Public Policy

By   Valerie F. Reyna and Frank Farley


Adolescent Brain Development


Adolescence, Brain Development and Legal Culpability


Less Guilty By Reason of Adolescence

By   Laurence Steinberg and Elizabeth S. Scott

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Symposium on the Future of the Juvenile Court:  The Evolution

of Adolescence:  A Developmental Perspective on Juvenile

Justice Reform

By   Elizabeth S. Scott and Thomas Grisso


Expert Testimony and Confessions

By   Gary Solomon




Selected Cases on Juvenile Justice and Development


Roper v. Simmons (excerpts)


Schall v. Martin (excerpts) 


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