Registration for New York State Bar Association Committee on Children and the Law program,

January 30, 2004, on “Termination of Parental Rights:  Is the Net Too Wide?”




The registration form is not available on line.  If you need a form, please call the State Bar Association at (518) 487-5591, or call program chair George Reed at (914) 946-5000.


You may register on line at the State Bar site,, but not if you are availing yourself of a program fee waiver.


Please read the following instructions, which do not appear on the registration form:

1.  The registration form does not have a place for your name, address and telephone number, because it was designed to be mailed, and the mailing panel on the other side would identify you.  So if you obtain the registration form other than by having it mailed to you with a mailing label on it, you need to add this information to the form. 

2.  There are different ways of registering depending on your category.

(a)  If you are a normal paying attendee:  fill out the registration form (a long page, with both black and red ink, listing all the programs for the annual meeting week) and send it in with payment.  OR:  register on line at

(b)  If you are a panel law guardian, fill out the registration form AND the waiver form and send them to NYSBA.  You cannot register on line.  

(c)  If you are a panel Family Court or Family Court Appeals assigned counsel, but not a panel law guardian, you use the same two forms as the law guardians, but you have write to Michele Harbour at NYSBA first to make sure that there is a place left for you. 

(d)  If you have financial need, you may follow the hardship scholarship procedure indicated on the program announcement, as for any NYSBA program.


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Last updated January 18, 2004


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